Sunday, October 9, 2011


The same day that Steve Jobs died, I learned of the passing of an old classmate of mine - Larry Nelson. I've known Larry since the seventh grade and in light of all the accalades being heaped upon Jobs, I can't help but feel that some attention needs to mark Larry's passing as well. I know that many of you reading this didn't know Larry, but then you didn't know Steve Jobs either, so bear with me. I can't imagine two passings more opposite - for you see Larry was mentally handicapped, and something that Jobs (by all reports) was not - a truly nice guy. Larry worked hard, had tons of hobbies and twice as many friends and I'd like to think a better quality of life than Steve Jobs could have ever hoped for. I had not seen Larry for years, but I have always carried his smile and friendship with me and I hope that he remembered me with the same fondness. Life takes people many directions, and at times great distances, but it is those people who we carry in hearts that keep us tied to our roots. So, as you read all of the tributes, remember what is the true measure of greatness and success - it has to do with heart and the smile that comes from it. While the world will continue to morn the loss of Steve Jobs, it is a lesser place without the like of Larry Nelson.