Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When in New Hampshire. . .

Despite his recent primary wins, 2012 GOP hopeful Rick Santorum was wheeled into a back corner and placed on permanent display this week at the New Hampshire Crap From Past Elections Museum. When in New Hampshire be sure to stop in and say hello, the staff promises he will offend you in some fashion, so it's well worth the visit. The also have a cheese log that looks just like Dick Cheney and a White House End Table with the same IQ as Dan Quayle. gotta love 'em.

There is an old joke about women that goes. . .They have half the money, and all the. . .well, you've heard it And with that in mind I cannot believe the level of attack on women's right's in this country. The GOP has got to realize they are attacking 50% of the voting population and I am begining to think that this is really the issue at hand this November. Take a close look at the day to day life of the women in each of GOP candiates lives. Not a one of them has an ounce of respect for women, they are looked upon as possessions, it shows in their comments and actions and they and their kind are threatened my a real man with a strong wife in The White House. Real men in this country owe it to their wives and daughters to love and respect and protect the rights that are theirs. Never stand down to a man who does not respect women, he is a lesser man and lesser man does not deserve the office of President.

Now that the conservatives are losing the battle against gay-rights, they have to focus their bullying to another target. Real men are not afraid of gay-marriage, equal rights for women, education, or any other political dodgeball, A real man will stand beside his brother, sister, wife, partner, child, or stranger and support their choice to live a life that makes them happy. The measure of a real man is how he treats the women in in his life. . .no wait, let's broaden that, how he treats the people in his life. You want ethic and moral fiber, look for that as the measure of a man. And, as always, VOTE!

Friday, February 3, 2012