Monday, June 18, 2012

Recovery is a Process, Not a Mandate

At the end of Bill Clinton's presidency, the U.S. was sitting on a $200+ Billion surplus - then a coke-tooting, shoulder slapping, war mogering, fortunate son wesseled his way into the Oval Office and left us with two wars and a $482 Billion deficit, hmmmmph. Keep this in mind, the next time you hear that the current economy is Obama's fault, recovery takes time - think about how you feel when things pile up and you have to do that three month budget recovery to get you personal finances back on track. Since the first year of Obama's administration the Repubican agenda has been - not to better the country, or pass legislation to help ease the situation we ALL find ourselves, no - but to remove Obama from office. And they are stopping at nothing, from the "birther" issue to blaming him, as Romney said this past weekend, for the failing economy of "the past three and a half years." In short, these elected officals are not working for the Country, they are working for the Republican party, which in my view calls for somebody else to be issuing the paychecks, but I digress. . . To all my friends out there who are trying to become amateur Obama-bashers because you're unhappy with his inability to move his agenda forward - join the club - but bear in mind, you are WAY out of your league. I ask that you weigh your personal frustration against Obama's frustration This is the manifestation of a political mandate, nothing more and your time might be better spent pressuring the professional bashers (see, I almost typed bastards, but I didn't) to do the job that they were elected to do, and help get this country back on track.