Friday, March 9, 2012


"A firey horse, with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty. . . I own Silver and other precious metals? The Lone. . ."

Oh who am I kidding, I can't even say it as a joke. Will you look at this picture? This has to be a nightmare, I thought they had shelved this idea. There is now and has always been only ONE Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, end of story. Do you remember Clinton Spillsbury, the 1980's attempt to steal the mask from it's rightful owner? No, nobody does and no one's gonna remember the heir to the Armand Hammer fortune (who really, really wants to be an actor) after he turns his trust-fund attention span to something more shiny. Hell, nobody really remembers John Hart, who replaced Clayton Moore briefly in the original series. Clayton Moore owns the word LONE, like Chuck Norris owns the word RANGER.

And Depp, really? A drop of indian blood five generations ago does not qualify you to play Tonto, although you've signed to play every 50's and 60's character in ALL remakes for the next ten years, when your downhill contract as Cap'n Jack expires, Look at you, you look like the Skipper did when they dressed him up as a headhunter on Gilligan's Island. And for the record, Tonto never wore a bird on his head, leave the Tim Burton props in in Helena's trailer. The two of you together look like some S & M party scene cut from Eyes Wide Shut.

I am a huge fan of westerns and pray they will make a comeback, but not under the helm (and color scheme) of someone like Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski - it's western for god's sake, not a friggin' theme park ride. I just have six words for you - can you say, Wild, Wild West?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Radio, Radio

I started last Friday, weighing in on the newest news story that is not news, and not by being news, it has somehow become news. I chose not to validate it by writing about it. Then I reconsidered my choice, I felt points still needed to be made. And then I saw the backlash - I no longer needed to make any points, human nature had stepped and it was being attended to faster than I could type Susan G. Kom....

Of course I am speaking about the bloated, conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh (or Russ Limbaugh as a faithful-listener/idiot relative of mine calls him), who when he's not blocking the entire fourth hole at Augusta, is swilling Oxy Cotin out of a Tea-Party thermos like it's Sunkist , who declared himself an expert on. . .wait for it, sluts. Not a huge stretch, I'm sure he tries to bed anything wearing a HOPE t-shirt. But this time, the cowardly-lion jowled host as spewed his verbal idiocy at the Georgetown grad student who was denied the right to testify at the House Oversight Committee's hearing on contraceptives. By now, you have undoubtedly heard the story and seen ever growing list of advertisers distancing themselves from Limbaugh's program.

Now, I have frequently stated my opinions on both, how a real man respects women, and the rights of women to control their own bodies. It's clear where I stand, if not, just scroll back a couple of posts. The point I want to make, or rather reminder in all of this, is that whether you are a Rush Limbaugh, a Tom Leykis, a Howard Stern, a Don Imus, a Dennis Miller, or any endless number of local radio talk hosts - their job is to sell airtime. That folks, is the nature of radio. The hosts and their senseless blather are simply filler between commercials. It is a world of beautiful voices, linked to faces that would never make it on television, who read stuff from index cards and call sheets until some radio syndicate (ie Clear Channel Communications) sees the opportunity to bleed a mindless personal opinion in the guise of entertainment. These shows are directed to a specific demographic that is attached to the advertisers - and the goal of the show is dedicated to gain more of the same. In the this case, the public opinion of poorly chosen words is speaking out and the advertisers are listening pulling their support of Limbaugh, of which I am proud; but the other power you have is to turn the dial. It's radio, if the listener tide turns, so will the content...

But regardless of content, we cannot place any validity on anything that comes out of that little speaker. We know only this; we all know this girl is not a slut, and we all know that Rush Limbaugh's an idiot. This has just been a reminder to READ the facts for yourself and form your OWN opinion. News, radio, soap and politics are packaged and they are all sold to you by the same people who want you to buy the label marked newer, more-improved, and not necessarily better.