Thursday, March 3, 2016

PAC NW Wingspan

     There are things about living in the Pacific Northwest that catch me by surprise - surprises not found in Southern California, South Texas, New Orleans, etc - like a glimpse of motion.  I looked up from my laptop to catch a glimpse of body and left wing swoop up, across the upper left corner of the living room window and then a thump on the roof.  I love living in a world of eagles.  To see them soar far over head;  perched high above, watching; or coming close to let you know they're here.  I do love being caught by surprise.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


     The road was hard, the weather harder. It took a turn or two to find the old farm. He left the motor running and stood from the driver's seat. The last he'd been here, he was certain he would never see the house again. Cold fingers had to coax the key to memory; with a rusty jiggle the lock conceded and he was certain he would never leave. . .