Monday, September 17, 2012

TeaPublicans: The Other White Meat

No one else is going to say it, so I will - and I really cannot believe it - but ALL of this is still just about race.  The Tea Party Republicans are nothing but a bunch of scared old white plantation owners that choose now to hide behind lies and misinformation unstead of hoods and white sheets.  They are not all evil, greedy, sociopathis liars, for that gives them too much credit, they are simply racists who fear the success of a black man, but their followers are sad, gullible, easily manipulated intolerant bunch with no facts to stand on. And that makes for a dangerous combination.

 The night of Barack Obama's Inauguration twelve Teapublican lawmakers met in Private with Tea Party agitators (Newt Gingrich & Frank Luntz) to plan Obama's demise. GOP VP MF, Lyin' Paul Ryan (along with Eric Cantor (VA), Kevin McCarthy (CA), Pete Sessions (TX), Jeb Hervsarling (TX), Pete Hoekstra (MI),  Dan Lungren (CA), Jim DeMint (SC),
Jon Kyl (AZ), Tom Coburn (OK), John Ensign (NV) and Bob Corker (TN).) plotted to SUBVERT and DEMONIZE every issue the President stood for, all while blaming him for being ineffectual. Not only did these "men" block the progress of our President, they blocked the progress of our country - the antithesis of the job they were elected to do.  They blocked job bills and stimulus packages that would have rehired thousand of teachers, police and firemen across the country and bring unemployment well below 6%.  All to make one man look bad from day one. That goes far beyond politics.

To borrow a line - "we have been to the mountain top" and we are not climbing back down to 1955 where good old boys slap each other on the back after Sunday services, and women stay home to raise babies; where blacks, Mexicans, and homosexuals have to know their place, and where the BOMB is the best for World Peace.  Shame on you - all of you for calling yourselves Americans...for calling yourselves humans.   Stop with the lies and show your true colors, admit that you're racists, admit that you don't want women, homosexuals, or minorities to have rights in this country, be honest with yourselves and your country, who knows it might work you and your easily manipulated, simple-minded little followers.

And to those easily manipulated followers, I say this, as you repeat the lies from the Tea Party Playbook, and support them in the House and The Senate, as well as their attempt to take The White House, remember you are as guilty of the racist idology that spews from these neo-klan members masquerading as legislators. Take a breath and look at who is really to blame.

I for one, am willing to stand in your way, as you try to light a cross on The White House lawn, square off to your Armani fitted sheet and hood, spit in your eye and call you what you are, A RACIST!

Monday, September 3, 2012


Last week at the Teapublican National Convention - amongst all of the lies we were told - Romney posed the question "Are you better off that you were four years ago."  As far as I can see, yes we are.  I am going to try to cut through all of the lies and misinformation, address everything and let the facts speak for themselves - regardless of the erroneous figures and Tea Party issued standard comebacks I'll get in response to this blog - and be done with this until November 6th.

First, let me address what the Teapublicans have labeled "Obamacare" - which in the real world is called The Affordable Healthcare Act - and, by the way, is very similar to what Romney put in place as Governor of Masschucetts.  This was a forty-year struggle to get a plan passed that would provide health care to ALL Americans and simply because the John Boehners and Mitch McConnells have their collective noses out of joint over the fact that it finally passed under Obama does not make it any less a good idea.  Under The Affordable Healthcare Act, insurance companies can no longer deny children with pre-existing conditions life-saving coverage and in 2014, they'll no longer be able to deny ANY AMERICAN coverage because of their pre-existing conditions. "ObamaCare" helped to close up the donut hole for seniors and gives them free wellness care, as well as free women's yearly wellness care.  This is a GOOD thing.  I'll hear that 63% of Amercia didn't want this - a statistic that has NO basis in fact - and that government has no business butting into our lives - a fair statement, but it always has and in this case the benefits outweigh the intrusion.

Now, onto jobs and the economy.  Four years ago, I quit my job and made a drastic change in my life, so my take on the job front is considerably different than most.  My business is thriving and most of the people I know who faced lay-offs are now working again. 401K's have doubled in the since early 2009. America is no longer losing 760,000 jobs a month. Truth: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported Obama's stimulus package has created 3.3 million jobs over 29 straight months of job growth. Four out of five economists agree. Romeny's VP choice Paul Ryan himself wrote letters requesting stimulus money, though now he lies about it. Manufacturing is growing in America after a decade worth of decline. Housing has stablized and is expected to start growing over the next 12 months. We are out of one war and bringing the second to a close.

We have made significant advances in the last 4 years, but we have much more work to do. Not everyone has found that job or been able to buy/sell that home. We have started the hard work and we need to continue to move FORWARD, not turn back to the failed policies that brought this country to its knees!  At the end of the day, I think Obama loves his family, his wife, his fellow man and his country...and that alone makes us better off than we were four years ago.  I can't see the same being said four years from now, should Romney and Ryan get elected.

Empty Chairs, Empty Promises, Empty Hopes and Empty Pockets