Saturday, November 14, 2015

When there is nothing else...

"Shadow of Cowardice "


James Patrick Lockett

Each and every day
shadows are cast across our souls
and we must dig deep within ourselves
to recognize the difference 'tween
one man standing
in the way of the light, and
the cowardice, the hatred, that hide
behind the mask of shadow
that creeps across us.

Each and every day
we must bond our souls against
the shadows of cowardice
and call them on out,
to make light of their darkness;
and in standing together, we can defeat
the shadows that threaten to block our light.

Muslims do night hide behind black hoods.
Christians do not hide behind white hoods.
Faith does not hide in the shadows,
hatred does.
Faith lives in the light, all faiths.
Try as you might oh cowar'd shadows,
you cannot block our light.

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